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2014 In Memoriam

The following Brothers have departed from our ranks. They will forever be remembered in our prayers and at the altar in the holy sacrifice of the Mass. May their souls and the souls of the faithful departed, through the Mercy of God and the intercession of our patron Saint Joseph, rest in peace.

San Francisco Council #1 San Jose Council #2
Harold Boyd, PGO
Thomas De La Torre
John R. Gotelli
Raymond A. Protti
Daniel Cortez
Gus R. Gatto
Charles Gullo, Sr.
Henry Lapachet
Henry Mattos
Stockton Council #5 American Council #8
Arthur L. Owens Antone Anthenien
John B. Kenny
Del L. Reynolds
Vallejo Council #13 South San Francisco Council #32
Joseph J. Scholl, Jr. Charles Howard Byrne
Frank Casagrande
Bernard J. Liberto
Albert Puccini
Frank Zocchi
Santa Rosa Council #40 Holy Rosary Council #44
Frank Almeraz
Donald M. Davis
Don W. Farley
Vernon Shick
Steve Vinella
Joseph B. Amarant
Frank A. Bettencourt
Frank Silveira
Eric A. White
Sebastopol Council #54 Sadoc Council #59
Peter Hill Joseph Faletti, Jr.
Madera Council #60 St. Christopher Council #80
Albert S. Avila
Vincent J. Kliegl
Alex E. Serrano
Salvador Vizcarra, Jr.
William E. Effinger II
Bryce S. Giebeler
Charles R. Silva
Manteca Council #88 Gustine Council #93
Bill Castillo Anthony Lopes
Dos Palos Council #99 St. Augustine Council #497
Antonio F. Mello, Jr.
Duane Miranda
Sylvester Boeglin
Harold A. Buechlar
Donald M. Buechlein
Russell Gerlach
James A. Hasenour
Russell Ray Kendall
Daniel L. Merkel
Paul R. Messmer
James Mundy
Glen Songer
Donald Zink
Francis Council #573 St. John Bosco Council #613
Walter J. Azevedo
Lawrence Denis
Lucas Rapozo
Louis G. Armanino
Grand Council #900
Arthur L. Chaves
James l. Dunphy, Jr.
Floyd J. Fitch
Frank E. Galli
William Gillio
Lawrence Menzhuber
Martin J. Procaccio, PGP
Virgil A. Vierra
Conrad Vios