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Council of the Year Award

Beginning in 2015, the YMI Grand Directors will annually award a YMI Council for distinquished efforts supporting YMI events and fundraising activities, providing charity and community support, and enhancing membership growth.

To apply for the Council of the Year award, please complete and submit the application by May 1st. Click here for the Council of the Year Award Application.

YMI Council of the Year Award Winners

2015 YMI St John Bosco #613 President: Mike Amato
Vice Presidents: Bob Fiorito/Joe Soracco
Secretary: Mike Dimech
Treasurer: Cosmo Amato
Marshal: Bill Gunn
Sentinel: James Vavuris
2016 YMI Santa Rosa #40 President: Mike Keefer
Vice Presidents: Dick Colombini/Carlos Rivas
Secretary: Bill McNeany/Eric Dengler
Treasurer: Dan Brinker
Marshal: Walter Shultz