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YMI Educational Foundation

History and Purpose

The YMI Education Foundation was incorporated on March 12, 1958 for the express purpose of receiving donations to support annually the education of our fellow deceased memberís children. Recently a Matching Fund and a College Scholarship Program for Councils was added, which is intended for children and grandchildren of living Members maintaining active status. The Scholarship is subject to change year-to-year / fund permitting.

The Foundation's Board of Directors is composed of respected YMI members whose respective professions encompass the legal, investment, and administrative disciplines to manage the funds. The twelve directors elected from the YMI membership at large includes three Grand Officers to serve and direct the Foundation. Click here to view the by-laws.

Your support through gifts of prayer for deceased loved-ones and Memorable Masses help to educate our children and subsequent YMI generations.

Actions Done by the Board of Directors

Since its inception, the Foundation has given tuition help to over 475 children, with spending to date of over $522,000.

The Foundation has instituted a Matching Funds Program with all the Councils to help facilitate scholarships to students of their Councils. As of May 2017, the program is called the "Frank Pignati Matching Funds Program". Click here for information on the Frank Pignati Matching Funds Program and click here for the program's application.

The Foundation may award a College Scholarship Program when funds are available - on a year to year basis. It is for a son, daughter, or grandchild of a living, active Member. The scholarship program is not being offered at this time.

Any type of charitable gift in the form of cash or bequeaths are urged and always accepted. All are tax deductible.

Current Benefits Paid to Children of Decreased Brothers

The benefits paid to children of decreased Brothers are currently set as follows:

Kindergarten - Eighth Grade $1500 per year per child
High School (9 - 12 Grade) $2000 per year per child
College (1st to 4th year) $2500* per year per child
*Note: The Foundation allocates about $83.00 per unit of qualified College / University courses with GPA 2.5 or better; with six (6) or more units per semester ... up to eight (8) years of College courses (qualified) ... and / or the $10,000.00 total benefit.