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2018 In Memoriam

The following Brothers departed from our ranks this past year. They will forever be remembered in our prayers and at the altar in the holy sacrifice of the Mass. May their souls and the souls of the faithful departed, through the Mercy of God and the intercession of our patron Saint Joseph, rest in peace.

San Francisco Council #1 San Jose Council #2
Ronald G. Ennis
Gary J. Gualco
Joseph Cardoza
Rocco Furia
Vincenzo Getani
Richard Lai
Richard Romano
Joseph Vargas
Stockton Council #5 Vallejo Council #13
Angelo L. Stagnaro Theodore A. Lindstrom
Vinyes Council #16 South San Francisco Council #32
Norman Gonzalves
Larry E. Watson
Richard Barsi
Romolo Braschi
Raymond Crosat
Robert E. Penna
Thomas Pierce
Walter H. Prawicki
Roy Uccelli
Santa Rosa Council #40 Holy Rosary Council #44
Gilbert Dorame
Walter J. Schultz
Egidio M. Almeida
James A. Brindeiro
Joe L. Coelho
Joseph M. Fantazia
Sebastopol Council #54 Sadoc Council #59
Gary Carpenter
Joseph Onorato
Joseph A. Silveira
Ernest Gilmore
Paul D. Nelson
Joseph R. Quesada
Madera Council #60 St. Christopher Council #80
Robert Chairez
Kenneth Montanari
Rudy Morin
Vincent Petrucci
Bart Sciaqua
Joe A. Machado
James A. Silveira
Manteca Council #88 St. Columba Council #94
Kenneth W. Hafer
James Z. Perez
Manuel Rangel
Our Lady of the Pines Council #137 St. Augustine Council #497
Jim Perrine
Larry Trahey
Norman Libbert
Francis Council #573 Gonzaga Council #612
Russel F. Araujo
Antone Basque
Lawrence C. Cabrinha
Antonio Medeiros
Wendell Serrao, PGD
Charles "Jack" Schroeder
Joe Todd
St. John Bosco Council #613 Grand Council #900
Anthony L. Cidonio
Angel Dimech
John B. Guaraglia
Ronald A. Mirkovich
Joseph T. Saitz
Gary L. Draper